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You don't have to fight alone: Learn how Lakewood drug and alcohol rehab can help

Understanding how an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs develops and what could be underlying causes, is key in successfully overcoming it. Lakewood drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to help a person fight and recover from an addiction, and re-enter society with newfound soberness.

When you first enter a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, the first step is learning how these substances affect your body and your brain; how your organs' functionality is affected and how you suffer a chemical imbalance that makes you dependent on the substance.

A drug alcohol rehab center is prepared to take you in and help you understand the concept of addiction, how its affecting every aspect of your life and what are the necessary steps to get clean and maintain a healthier, substance-free lifestyle.

Lakewood drug and alcohol rehab offers programs that are personalized to tackle the needs of each individual. The first step is usually detox -- helping your system get rid of the substance -- followed up with psychotherapy, relapse prevention education and planning your after-care. All of these helps you maintain a long-term sobriety.

Drug alcohol rehab centers in Lakewood have medical professionals to properly handle a detox process; they are trained to make it easy, painless and as fast as possible, so the patient going through withdrawal symptoms does not have to suffer and is able to smoothly transition into the rehabilitation phase.

Therapy in any of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is aimed at identifying and recognizing psychological issues that may have prompted the substance abuse in the first place, as well as any other mental health issue that may be affecting the patient. These therapies -- whether individual or in group -- educate the patient so he/she is able to identify risky situations and triggers that could potentially cause a relapse.

By teaching patients these defense mechanisms, Lakewood drug and alcohol rehab centers ensure that the recovering addict strengthens their character, is more aware of their environment and is able to learn to cope and adopt new activities that promote a healthier way of living.

Taking part in any of the activities offered within the personalized programs, a patient can take full advantage of what a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center has to offer. The activities that support rehabilitation are varied, depending on the persons' interest, and can include: art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, etc.

After you complete your drug alcohol rehab program, the step that follows is after-care. In this phase, the patient learns how to deal with real-life. Being back in society and in daily activities could trigger the idea of substance use again; this is where a patient applies the newly learned set of coping skills, to make sure that they can continue their life without abusing again.

For some patients, aftercare is like an actual new way of living. By adopting new activities, they start creating a healthier routine. This in itself helps, but it also promotes building new relationships that serve as a good support system.

When doing aftercare at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Lakewood, a patient will often receive referrals for continuous support groups; these are composed by peers that have gone through similar addiction treatments and have successfully completed them. In these groups, they can discuss difficulties and achievement they faced while in rehab.

Suffering from an addiction may have you feeling stuck or in a limbo. But, truth is, you can break the cycle and overcome it. Our Lakewood drug and alcohol rehab centers are prepared to help you and make sure you successfully recover. Call right now at (720) 903-4701 to get the support you need.


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