Drug Intervention in Lakewood, CO

The Drug-Free organization found that roughly 1 out of every 10 Americans is addicted to alcohol or drugs. If you are stuck in the cycle of addiction, help is attainable. Drug intervention in Lakewood is an excellent starting point in the recovery process.

What is Drug Intervention?

Drug intervention for addiction is becoming increasingly popular. It is a unique process that aims to approach an addict in a productive manner. Intervention's ultimate goal is to convince individuals struggling with addiction to begin a treatment plan in a rehabilitation program.

Addiction is a chronic disease in which addicts compulsively abuse life-threatening substances. As a result, many people fail to achieve long-term sobriety on their own. This is why professional treatment is critical. It provides patients with all of the tools they need to succeed. However, many people choose not to go to treatment and may even violently oppose it. This is when intervention becomes necessary.

How Does Intervention Work?

An intervention should be conducted by a reputable professional who is capable of keeping the process on track and also serves as a neutral party. Interventionists work with family members and friends to find the best way to approach their addicted loved one. Letters, speeches and other tools may be used during the process. Interventionists do not recommend that overly emotional individuals be present as this can push the addict further away from the ultimate goal. The process must be calm, supportive and not place blame on the addict for it to be effective.

While it's true that drug intervention in Lakewood cannot force a person into treatment, it significantly increases the likelihood that they will go. This is because the process puts pressure on the addict and encourages their loved ones to limit contact with them until they complete a rehabilitation program.

What Types of Intervention Are Most Common?

There are three main types of intervention most commonly used in the Lakewood region. They consist of the following:

  • Johnson Model
  • ARISE Intervention Model
  • Family Systematic Model

The Johnson Model, also known as the Surprise method, is the most common. It seeks to catch the addict off guard and typically involves loved ones. During this type of intervention, relatives and friends urge their addicted loved to get help with guidance from an interventionist. Letters and speeches are most common in the Johnson model.

The ARISE model is unique because it involves the addicted loved one from the beginning. It does not surprise him or her and aims to help them enter and stay on track for recovery. This method is ideal for families struggling with a history of addiction and long-term sufferers as it involves more comprehensive services.

The Family Systematic Model treats the family as a whole, not just the addicted individual. This method minimizes the guilt placed on the addict and is designed to help families heal as a unit. In order to find the best approach for your needs, contact and compare drug intervention treatment centers. Do not hesitate to take action because intervention is most effective when conducted as early as possible.

What Happens After Drug Intervention in Lakewood?

Once an individual participates in an intervention, he or she will ideally begin our rehab treatment programs in Lakewood immediately. Interventionists help make this process smooth and stress-free. However, some people may refuse treatment. In this case, you can count on an interventionist to help you continue to persuade your loved one to get help in the most effective way possible.

For example, he or she may recommend postponing financial assistance, housing or other amenities given to the addicted loved one. Continuing to offer them help may only enable their addiction.

If the individual chooses to get help, inpatient rehabilitation is usually the next step. This type of care involves a brief period of on-site residency followed by aftercare services which typically consist of ongoing therapy, community-based programs and participation in healthy and productive hobbies.

Drug addiction intervention treatment may be a good option for you if you are struggling with addiction or suspect that someone you love is. Recovery is more attainable than you may think. Get started by speaking with an addiction specialist or interventionist at Lakewood Drug Rehab Centers. Call us today at (720) 903-4701.

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